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i-be Safe System

Before using our i-beSafe calculator, please read the below information carefully.

i-beSafe is an innovative tool in the calculation of clearance and/or clear distance under the work area, and its purpose is to provide you with one or more results based on:

  1. the reference number of one of our fall arrest systems;
  2. or on a work situation.

i-beSafe provides results for two families of fall arresters: lanyards with energy absorber and retractable fall arresters.

The results are classified by performance, from the shortest distance to the longest. In order to help you choose, we also included a tool for comparing results.
We offer complete assistance on using the i-beSafe calculator and on understanding the concepts of clearance, clear distance under the work area and fall factors.
Please feel free to view it ?

The results concerning use near a sharp edge are in progress. They will be available shortly, so please check our site regularly..

!! i-beSafe can be used ONLY with equipment from the KRATOS SAFETY range and under no circumstances can it be used for products from other brands.

The information we provide does not take into account:

  1. the use of a lifeline as an anchorage and thus its deflection;
  2. the use of an extension strap that would be attached to the harness.

It is therefore important to study the consequences of these in the final calculation of a clearance or clear distance under your work area.