Energy absorbing lanyards

  1. Select your fall arrest system’s reference number from the drop-down menu
  2. Select your Fall Factor (F0-F1-F2) or, if you are working near a sharp edge, select sharp edge*
  3. Start the i-beSafe calculator

You will get the clearance for your fall arrest system and/or the clear distance under the work area required for its use.

*If a diagram of the fall factors or sharp edge is greyed out, it means that the fall factors or the sharp edge are not compatible with the reference number or distance you entered.
Whatever the type of use, you can choose to compare the performances between results using the "Compare" button
(maximum 3 fall arresters)..

Our results for clearance and clear distance under the work area are calculated taking into account a user 1.80 m tall and weighing between 100 and 140 kg with their equipment (helmet, shoes, tools, etc.) included.

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